XenApp Shortcut Settings

Have seen a few people asking questions about how and where to configure XenApp Shortcut Settings for Published Applications. Below I will explain where to configure and control your Published Application shortcut settings.

Published Application
Within the XenApp Delivery Services Console or AppCenter Console you can configure the settings in the Shortcut Presentation section of a Published Application.

Application shortcut placement determines where the application will appear on the user’s Start Menu. Separate the folders with a backslash E.G. Folder1Folder2

Web Interface
The settings that are configured at the Published Application level can be overridden by or combined with those set on the Web Interface services site for your Online Plug-in. To access the settings right click on the XenApp Services site and select Shortucts. This will bring up the options below

Using the folder names in the previous two screenshots this is how the Web Interface settings affect your Start Menu folders

Use site setting will result in:

All Programs –>CitrixApps–>Folder1–>Folder2–>Notepad

Use server farm setting will result in:

Use both settings will result in

All Programs –>CitrixApps–>Folder1–>Folder2–>Notepad


All Programs –>Folder3–>Folder4–>Notepad

Note: The changes you make to the Published Application settings take effect after an application refresh whereas the changes you make on the Web Interface Services Site only take effect after exiting and relaunching the  Online Plug-in

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