Cloud computing allows businesses to run their IT systems in Cloud Provider’s data centres and access it over the internet. The scale and robustness of Cloud provider's data centres means that they can offer highly secure, highly available solutions at low prices. You only pay for what you use in the cloud meaning you can dial up and dial back your IT based on your business's demand.There are many different ways to utilise the Cloud, from website and database instances or as a storage/backup location to running a full Virtual Desktop or a Disaster Recovery site for the enterprise.

The subscription based pricing model removes the up-front capital cost normally associated with IT projects and makes the cloud very affordable for businesses of any size. EUC Consulting can design and deliver a range of cloud computing services in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. We are a member of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program which enables us to manage our customer’s Cloud experience end-to-end, from creation through to billing.

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud hosted productivity suite based on the well-known Office suite that has been in use by millions of businesses around the globe for decades. Purchased on a per user per month basis, the different plans offer features such as hosted business class email, document sharing and collaboration, instant chat, voice and video calling. New and innovative features are released every month, often at no extra cost.

Even the basic Office 365 plans come with generous quotas for email and cloud based file storage . EUC Consulting can migrate your on-prem email and data to Office 365, making sure your business isn’t affected during the transition. You can also purchase Office 365 directly from us removing the complexity of having to manage multiple vendor relationships for your Office 365 journey.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktops, often referred to as VDI, is a means of centralising your business desktop estate in the data centre. VDI can help to make your workforce more mobile by giving them access to an always-on Windows desktops and applications regardless of their device, location or bandwidth.

Thanks to the advancements in desktop virtualisation and networking, VDI not only empowers office and shift workers but can also provide local-like experience for users performing CAD and 3D modelling.

EUC Consulting have decades of experience in designing and implementing virtual desktop solutions based on the Citrix product stack.


In the era of smart phones and tablets, employees expect to be able work and collaborate from anywhere using as few devices as possible. Businesses ready to meet that demand, especially those adopting “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) approach, are faced with several challenges around maintenance, security and compliance of the mobile estate.

Mobile Device and Application Management (MDM & MAM) solutions provide a remedy to those challenges and allow businesses to centrally manage and protect corporate and personal devices, applications and data.

EUC Consulting have the know-how and necessary experience to implement an Enterprise Mobility solution for businesses of any size.