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Productivity & Collaboration

It’s more and more common for businesses to have teams spread across regions, countries, or continents. Even small business will have employees on the move or working from home. This presents a challenge to organisations to make sure teams have the right tools to work together and work smart.

Technology should be an enabler – seamless and almost invisible to your employees. Cloud hosted solutions such and Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams allow employees to work together regardless of device or location. The days of VPNs, circulating documents via email, or multiple copies of important documents are over.

Feature rich solutions from Microsoft will empower your employees to be more productive and collaborate better. Make sure your teams always have access to desktops and applications regardless of their device, location or bandwidth.

Our vast experience in enabling productivity and collaboration will help you run your business in a smart and efficient way.

Windows 10

The latest and most innovative of Microsoft’s computer operating systems. Employees can enjoy a more efficient and effective use of their devices, with faster sign-in, better security and a slick user interface. Microsoft is constantly improving Windows 10 with updates that can be installed automatically, free of charge, to add a continuous stream of improvements to your operations.

Microsoft 365

Promising to empower organisations and their people to achieve more in their work, Microsoft 365 includes a suite of software – including Office 365, Windows 10 and EMS – that will foster a culture of innovation and evolution in your business.

Office 365

Microsoft’s Cloud-hosted suite of tools boosts productivity for thousands of organisations worldwide on a daily basis. It powers collaboration via document sharing, email, voice control and video calling. It’s available on a per-user, per-month basis, with new features released and automatically added on a regular basis.


Working with Microsoft solutions, Sharepoint gives co-workers the ability to collaborate on documents more easily. It’s essentially a high-spec intranet. Benefits include secure sharing of information; a consistent user experience; and the ability to use, amend and re-use content efficiently.


Taking care of the nuts and bolts of email signatures and branding, spam and compliance with IT and data regulations, Exclaimer can be used alongside Microsoft systems, providing a seamless and secure service for your workforce and a unified approach to email marketing and customer communications.


Gone are the days when figuring out how to use the printer took hours and got in the way of more profitable tasks. With Printix, mundane and repetitive jobs are monitored and automated via the Cloud, meaning costly and cumbersome print servers are a thing of the past.

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