Unlock the potential of data

Businesses today possess huge amounts of data, often spread across different systems with no way of collating and analysing it. Hidden in that data is a goldmine of business insights that is beyond the reach of most organisations.

Your business could be more successful and more profitable, simply by making decisions based on the information you already own. Power BI can present data as insightful reports, allowing for previously unknown trends to be discovered. Reports  can be shared securely in many formats, both inside and outside of your business.

How we can help?

Free Technology Consultation

A short Zoom or Skype meeting to outline the benefits of Power BI and do an initial assesment of your business data sources

PoC Design

Typically a 5-10 day engagement during which we deliver initial reports and mock up dashboards based on your data

Managed Power BI

We provide your business with Power BI expertise on demand for current and future needs in the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence space

Get in touch

Meritum Cloud delivers Power BI expertise to meet all your business intelligence requirements. Schedule a demo with us to discover how we can help your business become more profitable and efficient with best in class BI solution.

Our Power BI team can extract the data from any system and unlock its potential allowing your business to make informed decisions.

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