In Q3 2016 Microsoft announced the opening UK South and UK West data centres, keep reading find out how to move your Office 365 data to the UK data centres.
Prior to these data centres being opened, UK customer’s data was stored in European data centres. In March of this year Microsoft announced, via the Office 365 message centre, the option for customers to move their Office 365 data from European data centres to the UK data centres.

Data Location
You can check where your Office 365 data is stored by checking your Organization Profile in the Office 365 admin centre, as below.

Move your Office 365 data to the UK - Data Location

Move your Office 365 data to the UK
Just below Data Location you have the Data Residency option. If you click edit and flick the switch your data will be scheduled to be moved to the UK data centres by September 2019. You have until September 15 this year to request the data move.
In terms of performance, we expect there will be very little perceivable performance between having your data in Europe and having it in UK data centres. If you need your data in the UK for other reasons then this is the option for you.

Move your Office 365 data to the UK - Data residency option
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