How to install Citrix Receiver Enterprise 3.4 with Preconfigured PNAgent URL

For some reason the Citrix eDocs section for Receiver Enterprise 3.4 does not contain information about how to deploy Citrix Receiver with a Pre-configured PNAgent / Online Plug-in / XenApp Service URL.

In Receiver 3.2 it was possible to use the SERVER_LOCATION= to specify your XenApp Service site URL, if you take the Citrix Documentation at face value, this switch is no longer available. But if you run CitrixReceiverEnterprise /? at a command line you will see that this installation switch is still available.

I found out this information in some posts deep in the Citrix forums but it took me a good while of testing and searching to find them. So I am hoping by blogging it I will make someone else life a bit easier.

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