How to find which Citrix Receiver command line options were used during install

It may be that you deployed Citrix Receiver some time ago and forgot what install command line options you used, or a previous Citrix consultant or Administrator deployed Receiver, or as is the case for me at the moment, you are working with an offshore packaging team and need to know if the correct command line options are being used in the deployed package.

If any of the above is true then you can find which install options were used by checking the Citrix Receiver install log files.

These will either be located in C:Users%username%AppDataLocalTemp or  C:WindowsTemp

The log file you are looking for is called CtxInstall-RIInstaller.log

Open the log file in Notepad and search for Command Line

Near the bottom of the file you should see the command line options that were used during install as below

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