Group Policy Export

A few weeks ago I had to do some group policy work to improve the logon speed of a customer’s XenApp solution.

I needed to amalgamate a ton of GPOs and record what I was doing along the way.  So I needed a way to export all their current GPO settings to a spread sheet. I searched high and low on the internet and could not find any free way to do this.

Then, I thought why not try something and it worked so here it is. So simple it’s almost ridiculous.

In GMPC expand Group Policy Objects and right click on your selected GPO.

Right click the GPO you want the settings of and select Save Report.

Save the report as HTML.

Open Excel and click File –>Open. Browse to the location you saved the html report and open it.

That’s it. Very simple.  You will end up with something like this in Excel.


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