Why Cloud?


Out of the box solutions previously only available to large Enterprises allow business of any size have the most modern and up to date infrastructure.

Cost Efficiency

Minute by minute pricing means you only pay for what you use. Scale up and scale down resources automatically for the most cost-effective solution.

Time to Market

Quickly productionise new applications in the cloud without the delays of having to build on-prem infrastructure.

Ease of Management

Manage all your infrastructure from one portal, even your on-prem environments. Monitoring, alerting, patching and backup are all built in.

Scalability & Resilience

The cloud offers businesses access to unlimited capacity, highly availability at all levels of the stack.

Security & Compliance

Microsoft Azure meets all the major security and compliance standards making it more secure than on-prem data centres. Choose where your data resides and where it is replicated to.

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