Configure Microsoft Bookings

Last week I wrote a review of Microsoft Bookings, this week I will quickly explain how to configure Microsoft Bookings.
Microsoft have only released Microsoft Bookings to Office 365 Business Premium customers in Canada and the US but there is a way to enable this even if you are not on Business Premium and you are outside of these regions, I will explain how to do it below.

Microsoft Bookings Welcome
We are using an Enterprise E1 subscription and we are based in the UK.

How to Configure Microsoft Bookings
If you click this link below and log into Office 365 you will be presented with the screen below

You will then need to run through a basic setup where you enter your business name and select a business type from a predefined list.
The business name you enter (minus spaces) will be used as the email address that meeting notifications are sent from so you must make sure that you use something unique.

Configure Microsoft Bookings

If you use Contoso Ltd as your business name the email recipient that Microsoft Bookings will create will be If you already have a mailbox with this email address you will get an error.

Further configuration
Once the initial setup in complete you can start configuring things such as your business information, the service that you offer for booking, staff available for bookings etc.
As I said in my review of Microsoft Bookings, if you choose not to publish staff’s names to be booked individually, the bookings are always placed in the first person’s calendar on the list unless than person is booked and then the booking will go into the next person’s calendar. Also there is no option to place bookings into multiple staff’s calendars at once. Both big limitations in my opinion.
I have noticed that we do not have access to a feature which is documented here which is to import staff’s personal calendar to update their availability. Probably due to the fact that Microsoft Bookings is not officially rolled out to Enterprise customers yet.
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