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Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Back-up and Disaster Recovery (DR) are essential for any business, large or small. The cost of downtime can be devastating to a business; many do not survive major outages. Yearly DR tests and hardware-based backup systems are expensive and prone to failure. By adopting cloud-hosted backup your business can be confident that your precious data is backed up, secure, and easily restorable, without the headache of managing legacy backup hardware.

With modern cloud-based DR solutions you can replicate your IT infrastructure to the cloud. In the event of a disaster, failover takes a matter of minutes. Testing your disaster recovery strategy is as easy as a few clicks and does not disrupt your production systems.

Meritum Cloud is ready to show your business the benefits of cloud-based backup and DR solutions.

Azure Back-up

Eliminate the need for tape or an offsite backup with Azure Backup. Enable cost-effective short- and long-term retention, restore the individual VMs, files, and folders you need—in Azure or on-premises—at no additional cost.

Azure Site Recovery

Make sure your organisation will keep doing business even during major IT outages. Azure Site Recovery offers ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, and dependability. Launch replication, failover, and recovery processes through Site Recovery to keep your applications running no matter what happens.

Backupify for Office 365

Backupify for Office 365 is a simple and effective solution that lets you back up, search, restore and manage your Office 365 data. Backupify will identify your most recently added and updated data, copy that data to an encrypted archive in a high-availability storage cloud, and make backups available through its web interface.

SkyKick 365 Back-up

SkyKick is another option that will allow you to instantly find and quickly restore lost data so your team can continue to be productive. SkyKick works by taking regular “snapshots” to keep pace with the information your organisation is producing so that no matter when there’s an outage, you’re covered.

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