The 2023 Guide to MDM and MAM with Microsoft Intune

In the last year, 82% of businesses have allowed employees to work using their own devices, as part of a BYOD program. Such a program has benefits for businesses and employees alike, with businesses saving £280/year by not offering work-issued devices, and allowing employees to carry a single device. However, when considering the array of […]

What is a Zero-Day Exploit? How to keep your business protected

As technology has advanced over the last few decades, the world has seen cybersecurity and cyberwarfare become one of the largest looming threats to any organisation, business, or even country.  With large-scale exploits being discovered under the skin of some of the most terrifying places in the world, ‘zero-day exploits’ have become one of the […]

Why your business needs a holistic security solution

There’s no doubt that businesses need to invest in strengthening their security posture in 2023. On average, in the past year, businesses increased their cybersecurity budget by 5.2%. However, even with this increase in spending, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyberattack. When business leaders hear of large-scale cyberattacks, such as the outbreak of Lapsus$ […]

Hacking Humans: How to protect against social engineering attacks

Over time, as cybersecurity solutions have become more effective, low-effort, high-volume cyberattacks are no longer successful for bad actors. In 2021, Microsoft was able to block over 9.6 billion malware threats and more than 35.7 billion phishing emails. This increase in effectiveness is in part due to the advancements in AI technology used within modern […]

EDR vs MDR vs XDR: What’s right for your business?

In our digital, interconnected world, cybersecurity remains one of the biggest concerns for businesses of any size. PwC found that nearly 64% of UK CEOs are concerned about how cyber threats could harm their ability to sell products and services. A modern business must take proper account of its cybersecurity. A key tenet of any […]

Why Multifactor Authentication is Essential for All Businesses

In 2022 we have seen an alarming number of devastating cyberattacks throughout the world, including in the UK and Ireland. An example of this in the UK includes the ransomware attack on KP Snacks, the manufacturer of Hula Hoops, Nik Naks, Tyrells, and many other snacks. This ransomware attack was carried out by a Russian […]

What is Double Extortion Ransomware? Your Ransomware Questions Answered

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous forms of cyber attacks around. It can affect organisations of any size and in any industry. For example, the NHS was hit by a WannaCry ransom attack that left the British state health system at a standstill for several days.  CyberSecurity Ventures believes the cost to the global […]

Protect your business from the evolving threat of phishing attacks

According to recent research by Tessian, 26% of employees have clicked on a phishing email at work in the past year. For this reason, and many others, there is no surprise that most CISOs are concerned about how phishing attacks are evolving. Thankfully, email security solutions are always becoming more advanced and stopping more potentially […]

Top 9 Microsoft Azure Services for Businesses in 2022

Microsoft Azure is one of the most powerful platforms on the market, being used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies. As Azure includes over 200 products, there is an Azure solution for most common business problems. These products include everything from Virtual Machines to next-generation quantum computing services. Understanding some of the most commonly used […]

Types of Malware and How to Protect your Business

In 1971, the first worm proof of concept was created, called ‘The Creeper’. This worm was able to spread via network protocol, infecting remote computers to display the message “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can”. However, ‘The Creeper’ was not technically malware as it was not created with malicious intent. Fast forward 51 […]