What is Azure Active Directory? Complete Guide for SMBs

It is essential to ensure that your data and user accounts are secure by setting up access permissions and login security. However, identity verification can be challenging, especially in the cloud era. That’s why Azure Active Directory is so popular with businesses of all sizes. This comprehensive identity as a service (IDaaS) solution modernises access […]

How to Avoid These 5 Common Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud migration is essential for businesses pursuing a digital transformation – allowing you to scale your resources and better manage your digital infrastructure. However, in order to fully utilize cloud computing, businesses still have a lot of hurdles to overcome. A bad migration strategy could, at best, slow your processes down. At worst, you risk […]

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Sector: Key Technologies and Insights

Innovation in the insurance sector has led to a rise in digitalisation, adoption of the Internet of Things and increased use of AI. For years, industry experts warned of the insurance sector’s slow pace in adopting digital technologies. But now, insurers across the world are waking up to the benefits of digital transformation. Greg Baxter, […]

Are you getting the most value from your cloud investment?

In 2022, European companies are dedicating an average of 25% of their IT budget to hosted or cloud-based services. Moving workloads to the cloud has many benefits for businesses, however, cost savings are always high on the agenda when businesses are considering investing in the cloud. With this being said, lifting and shifting poorly optimised […]

Six common IT challenges for fast-growing businesses

Extended periods of rapid growth are positive for most businesses, as it means that the business is acquiring new customers, which is driving increased revenue and better business outcomes. Whilst these periods are exciting and necessary for the longevity of a business, it also creates a host of new challenges, especially regarding IT and technology. […]