Office 365 General

To get a view of all the Office 365 preview features that are in the pipeline check the Office 365 Roadmap site. This is a fantastic resource that allows you to filter based on application, service, or platform and see what stage of the development cycle a feature is at.
If you want to submit an idea or up-vote an existing one for an Office 365 feature, go to the Customer Feedback for Microsoft Office 365 site
To get first release features for everyone in your organisation or for selected users, change the setting in your Office 365 Admin Portal by clicking Organization Profile --> Settings --> Release Preferences

Office 365 Preview Features - Release preferences

Depending on the size of your organisation you will need to consider whether you enable first release for everyone or just a select few.

Skype for Business Preview Features

Skype for Business has a dedicated site for preview features.
You need an Office 365 or Microsoft Live account to sign up to the site and you have to complete a company profile.
At time of writing there are a number of different feature previews taking place (see screenshot below), all of which you have to submit an application for and wait for approval.

Office 365 Skype for Business Preview Features

Skype for Business also has its own dedicated feedback site,

Microsoft Teams Preview Features

If you are using Microsoft Teams, as we are, you will no doubt be pining for some updates or new features.
In the Microsoft Teams desktop client you can hit the Feedback button which will take you to the User Voice site for Microsoft Teams
Office 365 Preview Features - Microsoft Teams
On this site you can up-vote features and you will also find this link that you can use to sign up to test new features
Microsoft is currently contacting customers to set up meetings (one of which we will be attending) to get ideas and input for Microsoft Teams. I think is very positive and shows you just how keen they are in improving their products and services.

SharePoint Online Preview Features

SharePoint Online has its own setting to enable preview features which appears to be separate from the Office 365 General First Release setting.
You can enable it by logging into, opening the SharePoint admin center, click Settings and scroll down to Preview Features

If you would like to find out more about our Office 365 services, please get in touch with us.
I have written a sister blog post to this one that covers Azure preview features. Please check it out