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Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure

Adopting Cloud gives your business greater flexibility and costs savings, making your business more agile and giving you an edge against the competition. Ready made building blocks allow organizations to build systems in the cloud at accelerated pace.

Time to market for new applications can be as little as a few weeks and basic test environments can be built in minutes or hours. Hybrid-cloud allows you to realise your investment in on-prem infrastructure while also benefiting from the next-gen technology available in the cloud.

Per minute pricing gives business the flexibility to scale up and scale down based on demands. The hybrid deployment scenario is also recommended for regulated businesses that need to meet specific security and compliance requirements.

Meritum Cloud provides a full range of Cloud solutions to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes, across many sectors. Meritum Cloud is a member of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program. We can manage your Cloud services end-to-end, from planning and implementation through to support and billing.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. It gives you the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favourite tools and frameworks.

Azure offers unparalleled opportunities to businesses looking to take their IT to the next level. Security and regulatory concerns regarding cloud have now been laid to rest. Microsoft’s Tier 1 data centres are more secure, resilient, and future-proof that anything that can be built by customers or competing data centre providers.

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

IaaS is short for “infrastructure as a service.” It refers to cloud-based infrastructure resources that are delivered to organisations via virtualization technology, that help to build and manage their servers, network, operating systems, and data storage. Simply put, IaaS is a virtual data centre. The Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an enhanced version of IaaS. The organisation has an on-demand infrastructure that can be adjusted according to the needs. Also, it has a minimum service from its service provider, since it is also responsible for operating systems and certain licenses, such as databases. Software as a Service is the most comprehensive of cloud services. In this solution both software and hardware are provided and managed by a vendor, so organisations don’t need to install or configure anything. The application is ready to go as soon as login and password are set.

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