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We are an modern IT solution provider helping businesses adopt next-gen technology.

We believe IT truly means business! We have a passion for cloud technology and seeing the many ways in which it can benefit our customers. We aim to help organizations work smarter, serve their clients better and make their business more successful. Through our amazing teams in the UK and Poland we deliver a comprehensive portfolio of design, deployment and support services.

We pride ourselves on our fairness and honesty to our customers and employees –
we call it “the Meritum way”.

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Our solutions

Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure

Adopting Cloud gives your business greater flexibility and costs savings, making your business more agile and giving you an edge against the competition. Hybrid-cloud allows you to realise your investment in on-prem infrastructure while also benefiting from the next-gen technology available in the cloud.

Backup & DR

Yearly DR tests and hardware-based backup systems are expensive and prone to failure. By adopting cloud-hosted backup your business can be confident that your precious data is backed up, secure, and easily restorable, without the headache of managing legacy backup hardware.

Mobility & Security

Cloud hosted mobility and security solutions give businesses the power to control how and where their data is stored but at the same time not restricting employees from doing their jobs done. Whether a device is personal (BYOD) or corporate owned, business can be safe in the knowledge their data is secure.

Productivity & Collaboration

It’s more and more common for businesses to have teams spread across regions, countries, or continents. Even small business will have employees on the move or working from home. This presents a challenge to organisations to make sure teams have the right tools to work together and work smart.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has been around for years but many businesses are now turning to the cloud for the next generation of this business workhorse. Virtual desktops hosted in the cloud gives your employees access to a familiar Windows desktop over a secure connection, regardless of what device they are using.

Business Intelligence

Businesses today possess huge amounts of data, often spread across different systems with no way of collating and analysing it. Hidden in that data is a goldmine of business insights that is beyond the reach of most organisations. Your business could be more successful and more profitable, simply by making decisions based on the data you already own.

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We are a Microsoft Partner with Gold Cloud Competency. With us, you can embark on your journey to the cloud with confidence. Start moving your applications, data, and infrastructure today!

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